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Aloe Vera - Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Aloe Vera: The Age Old Remedy

Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years in skin care and other health applications. While it was believed at one time to promote immortality, the aloe plant definitely continues to provide very real health and medicinal benefits. Commonly used to treat sunburns, the aloe plant offers a much broader array of benefits, especially when included in skin care products.

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin Care

While individuals have been using the clear gel of the plant to heal wounds and cuts, skin care companies like VIVITÉ are now steadily adding ale vera to their products. Once added to the skin care product, the aloe-infused products offer the following benefits:

• Moisturizing

• Soothes cuts and burns

• Heals acne

• Reduces the signs of aging

• Increases the elasticity of the skin

• Soothes the symptoms of periodontal disease

• Aids in digestion

• Provides relief for arthritis and rheumatism

• Rich in nutrients

Using Aloe Vera Rich Skin Care Products

How are the Vivite products and other used? Many women and men use moisturizing aloe products by applying gels to the face before the application of make-up and after shaving. Fortunately, aloe can be used by people with sensitive skin. Used in combination with vitamins C and E, aloe products can tone and sooth the skin. Aloe is often the main product in gels used for the relief of sunburn. The gel can create a protective layer on the skin. As it soothes the burned skin, the aloe will also moisturize the healing skin.

Are There Possible Side Effects?

People who are allergic to grass, may find that they experience allergic reactions to aloe vera as well. This often manifests itself as a skin rash. However, many professionals have found that when high quality aloe is used, there is less likelihood of any side effects being experienced. Sometimes the way that a person used the product can lead to an allergic-type reaction. In general, good quality aloe combined with appropriate use limits the occurrence of the reactions.