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Caffeine: A Widely Used and Useful Stimulant

Caffeine is a stimulant found in a variety of seeds, leaves and the fruits of some plants. Over 90% of adults in the United States consume it daily, most commonly through coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate. When ingested, it causes the heart rate to increase, and muscles to tighten, increasing alertness and waking you up. When ingested naturally, without all the added sugars in drinks and foods, it can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. When used in cosmetics, it can treat puffiness and eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

Where’s it found?

The bitter white substance is found in many plant species and it acts as a natural pesticide, especially in seedlings and young plants without defenses. Coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans, and the kola nut found in sub-Saharan Africa, are all natural sources of it and are used in many ways around the world.

UV protection

A study was done by the University of Washington where both healthy and UV damaged cells were exposed to caffeine to determine its healing properties. Using it caused the already damaged cells to die off, while the healthy cells lived. Many sunscreen companies have begun putting this substance in their recipes to help protect you from UV damage while out in the sun.

Cosmetic application

Cosmetics that use this substance can also help protect you from UV damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce puffiness, especially under the eyes. The Vivite system of cosmetics uses it as well as many other natural ingredients for anti-aging and exfoliating creams. Over half of those who have used caffeine-based creams daily on cellulite found on their thighs and butt, see tighter skin and skinner thighs after a month's use.

When you’re looking to relieve puffiness under your eyes, or help protect your skin from UV rays, caffeine in cosmetic products can help stimulate and tighten your skin. When used with other natural ingredients, it can help with exfoliating and the anti-aging process.