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Top Five Benefits of Facial Chemical Peels

Everyone wants to have glowing, beautiful skin. However, there are so many environmental and hereditary factors that can make it difficult to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. If you feel like you are starting to fight a losing battle when it comes to keeping your skin beautiful, then you should try a chemical peel in Orange County. Although the word “chemical” may make this procedure sound a little bit frightening, it is actually a very safe and soothing treatment that will rejuvenate your skin. Here are the top five benefits of facial chemical peels. 

First, chemical peels can be effective at reducing blotchy patches of skin. Whether you have always lived with blotchy skin or you have just recently developed this problem, a chemical peel can help. Chemical peels are designed to gently penetrate the darker, blotchy layers of skin and either remove them or reduce their appearance. The result is a more even and natural-looking skin tone that is not marred noticeably by darker patches. 

Second, a chemical peel in Orange County can help you to manage your acne. No matter what type of acne you may have, a chemical peel can help to get rid of impurities and excess oils on the surface of your skin. Some people find that getting regular chemical peels is all they need to do in order to effectively manage their acne, while others find that chemical peels are a great addition to their regular acne-reducing skin care regimen. 

Third, chemical peels can help to reduce the appearance of unsightly and annoying sun spots. Summer is the time of year when people love to expose most of their skin, but unfortunately the skin can become damaged as a result. If you have noticed that your skin is looking more papery and spotted due to excessive sun exposure, then a chemical peel in Orange County can help significantly. Because chemical peels remove the outermost layer of skin that is most likely to be damaged by the sun, the healthier layer of skin underneath is subsequently uncovered so that you can show it off. 

Fourth, a chemical peel can smooth out your skin so that it is softer to the touch. If your skin has become rough and bumpy over time then you will love how silky soft it will feel after a chemical peel in Orange County treatment. You will probably enjoy some extra attention from your loved ones as well when they see and feel how incredibly smooth your complexion has become. 

Fifth, your skin will be able to thrive and become healthier with regular chemical peels. This is because old, unhealthy skin cells tend to sit right on top of the surface of your skin. These cells are not effectively removed with a regular cleansing routine, which means that they continue to build up more over time. A chemical peel in Orange County can remove these dead skin cells and allow the healthier cells underneath to breathe and thrive.  As a result, your skin will look and feel much smoother and healthier and will develop a youthful glow. To experience the difference that a chemical peel can have on your complexion, schedule a chemical peel appointment today. 


There are several different types of chemical facial peels available that aid in reversing sun damage, brightening the skin, lightening dark spots and softening fine lines and wrinkles. Refine the course texture of skin with our exfoliating chem facial peel treatments, as well as stimulate the rebuilding of collagen and elastin, for firmer, healthier and younger-looking skin. Dramatic results are achieved with a series of facial peels.


Chemical Peels: 

We offer several different types of chemical peels that treat a variety of skin conditions and skin types.  Most commonly performed on the face, our peels can also be used to improve the skin on your neck, chest and hands.  Peels are not recommended while taking Accutane. Topical acne medication and Retin-A should be discontinued one week prior to treatment. A series may be needed to achieve optimum results.


Personalized Power Peel   30-45 Minutes

A professional-strength peel customized for your skin type that removes damaged skin cells and increases cellular turnover, resulting in a more even skin tone and an increase in skin brightness and clarity. Offering Modified/Enhanced Jessner’s, Blended TCA’s, Single Compound Salicylic, and Retinol Boosters.

Customized to address the following concerns:

-           Acne (both active and/or scarring)

-           Sun Damage/Hyperpigmentation (mild to severe)

-           Rosacea/Inflammatory Conditions

-           Menopausal/Dehydrated/Parched

-           Dramatically lined, wrinkled, & creped skin

$175-$275   Series of 3: $450-$700 (Depending on Area(s) and Depth of Peel) 


30% Salicylic Peel   30 Minutes

Salicylic Acid is an effective beta-hydroxy acid, capable of liquefying hardened oils in the skin while providing anti-inflammatory properties and marked improvements in skin tone and texture. This medicinal strength Salicylic Acid peel can be used to effectively treat severe acne conditions, overactive sebaceous glands, infected cystic acne, post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and excessive comedones.

$150   Series of 3: $385


ReNew Peel   30-45 Minutes

Reveal healthier skin as this medium to deep exfoliating peel specifically addresses deeper, etched lines, creped skin, and moderate to severe photodamaged skin.  Use of a 15% TCA is applied in layers until desired result emerges. 

$175-$275   Series of 3: $450-$700 (Depending on Area(s) and Depth of Peel)         


The Vi Peel   30 Minutes

Known as the “Mother of all Peels,” the Vi Peel will improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin, as well as reduce age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation (including melasma). This chemical peel uses a deeper synergistic blend of medical grade acids to increase the rate of cell turnover, stimulating the production of both collagen and elastin. Achieve firmer, smoother, more youthful looking skin within just week. Works well in conjunction with injectable and laser treatments.

$300   Series of 3: $765

*Get more dramatic results w/ the Vi Peel Precision Booster $50 OR VI Peel Precision Plus Booster $55 



SkinMedica Peels:

The SkinMedica Medical Grade Peel System is made up of three unique peels of varying acid strengths. This allows for targeted degrees of skin exfoliation customized to the needs of the patient.


Illuminize Peel   30 Minutes

This light peel enhances skin glow and radiance, while improving skin texture. This peel is appropriate for first-time chemical peel patients or patients looking for a gentle, superficial peel.  Can be performed on all skin types and yields little or no visible peeling. Perfect for same-day events!

$150   Series of 3: $385           


Vitalize Peel   30 Minutes

Achieve visible improvement after one treatment and optimal results after a series of treatments! Excellent for acne and pigmentation issues. Appropriate for most skin types, the Vitalize Peel is a medium depth peel and provides noticeable results with minimal downtime.

$200   Series of 3: $510        


Rejuvenize Peel   30 Minutes   

The strongest of the SkinMedica peels, this peel minimizes wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, scars, rough texture and large pores on a variety of skin types. By producing the utmost exfoliation and penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis, unwanted layers of damaged skin cells are removed, revealing new, more youthful skin within 7-10 days.

$250   Series of 3: $640       

 *Add neck and chest to any peel $55