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Green Tea Leaf Extract - Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Applying The Benefits Of Green Tea Leaf Extract

The use of green tea leaf extract in skin care products offers users many benefits. Many men and women are enjoying their extract in the form of green tea, but there is evidence to suggest that you can experience the same benefits when applying it topically. The leaves themselves can be applied directly to the skin; when combined with other skin care ingredients, as in VIVITÉ products, the extracts are very effective.

Benefits of Green Tea Leaf Use

• Rich in the antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals.

• Slow the rate of the signs of aging.

• Decrease the potential for major diseases.

• Prevents bad breath.

• Removes skin toxins and improves the texture of the skin.

• Aids in weight loss efforts

The Different Uses of the Green Tea Leaf

Initially those interested in harnessing the abilities of green tea leaf extract were drinking large amounts of the tea daily. While this continues to be a popular and effective way to enjoy the benefits of the tea, people are now enjoying the use of the leaves in many topical applications. A wide selection of lotions, crèmes, make-up, and other beauty products include the extract in their ingredients. Companies such as Vivite have recognized the power of green tea leaves in smoothing away wrinkles and decreasing the signs of aging. Other methods of use include facial masks, soothing spritzers, and in toothpaste.

Does the Use of Green Tea Leaves Come with Side Effects?

According to WebMD, there are possible side effects which could occur from drinking large quantities of green tea. However, those side effects generally come from the amount of caffeine in the tea. While there are some other precautions for people with a variety of maladies, those side effects are generally limited to drinking the extract. There is no mention of possible side effects when used in skin care and other beauty products.

For men and women who are interested in delaying the signs of aging, in promoting skin health, and generally taking advantage of its many health benefits, green tea leaf extract is a valuable addition to their skin care regimen.