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Humectants - Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

The Ingredient That Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

The Vivite line of health and beauty products is renowned for quality and effectiveness. This reputation has been built on the use of exceptional ingredients. Among the numerous natural ingredients found in VIVITÉ products, you’ll find humectants.

What are Humectants?

Essentially, a humectant is a substance that retains moisture. These substances are added to health and beauty products to keep the product’s moisture perfectly balanced. Without humectant ingredients, even the best products would dry out and become unusable. Though humectant ingredients may not directly impact the action of the beauty products you use every day, they are essential for keeping those products functioning correctly. Naturally occurring humectant ingredients can be found in aloe vera gel and even in honey.

A humectants is sometimes used as an active ingrediens in products to directly impact how they function. For instance, a humectant could be used to help speed the delivery time of a beauty product to your skin. This is accomplished through increasing solubility at the molecular level so the product is more readily absorbed. Lotions and other products meant to penetrate the skin make use of this unique property.

You might be familiar with these ingredients through their use in specialized hair products. People with especially dry hair often select hair care products that contain additional humectant ingredients in order to help their hair retain moisture. Hair with the right moisture level is more lively and easy to manage.

How do Humectants Contribute to Skin Care?

Though humectant substances may be added to beauty products to keep them moist and ready to use, they can also be used to deliver healing moisture to dry damaged skin. All moisturizer products will contain a careful balance of humectant ingredients to restore just the right amount of hydration back to your body. Skin loses moisture throughout the day as a matter of course. Cleansers, masques, and scrubs strip away dirt and oil from your skin; the correct amount of moisture must be returned to your skin to avoid triggering an overproduction of natural oils, which is likely to lead to breakouts. When teamed up with other helpful moisturizing ingredients, humectants are one of the most powerful defenses against imbalanced skin chemistry.