Our Team

Maggie Richard, RN, BSN

Injection Specialist

Maggie Richard, RN, BSN, has 25 years of experience specializing in Cardiac Surgery and Neurosurgery Step Down.  She has a calm and focused personality and has spent her career compassionately caring for her patients, mentoring her peers, and educating new nurses. Maggie was awarded ‘Nurse of the Year’ at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla due to her professional honesty, warm demeanor, and empathetic personality.

Maggie is the mother of 2 beautiful children; an adorable boy and a girl and is the wife of an architect and motorcycle enthusiast.  She is bilingual and fluent in Polish as well as English.  Her hobbies include exercising at Orangetheory, hiking, running, traveling, relaxing at the beach, and new life experiences.

Through her years of nursing, she discovered a passion for aesthetic medicine, pursued training from cosmetics companies, and attended numerous advanced training in various facets of aesthetics. Bringing out people’s inner beauty and vitality is what she strives for in her aesthetic career.