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Methyl Dihydroxybenzoate - Benefits and Side Effects

What Is Methyl Dihydroxybenzoate?

You shouldn’t let the long name frighten you. Methyl dihydroxybenzoate, or MDHB, is an ingredient commonly used in scientifically developed skin care products. A basic understanding of chemistry might be helpful toward developing an understanding of this important molecule. Composed of carbon and oxygen, the molecule is actually built of some of the most important atoms that human bodies need. The human body is built significantly from carbon and, of course, could not function without an abundance of oxygen.

How Is It Used In Skin Care Products?

Some of the leading skin care companies, like VIVITÉ, include methyl dihydroxybenzoate in their products. It is often used in products targeting the treatment of long-term hyperpigmentation. The use of MDHB to treat skin spots and hyperpigmentation is relatively new. It has been sought as a gentler form of treatment than previous options. Some of the benefits include the gentleness of the treatment and the option for sufferers of hyperpigmentation to use the products at home. While hyperpigmentation is widely treated successfully, it is also common for the condition to reoccur. The gentleness and ease of use of products with MDHB allow sufferers to use the product as often as necessary.

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Products with MDHB?

The skin-lightening agent is non-irritating and is effective. It is used in products for:

• Anti-aging effects

• As a skin lightener

• In eye creams and treatments

• In facial moisturizers

• In facial treatments

While it is an exciting new ingredient with important benefits, there are few side effects to be found when using products with methyl dihydroxybenzoate. So far, it does not show any evidence of suspected or other toxic effects. The product has not been shown to be dangerous and doesn’t present a health concern. This reputation for safety has brought about the use of MDHB in top-of-the-line skin care developers such as Vivite. The simple combination of carbon and oxygen could provide the healing and treatments that your damaged skin needs.