Our Team

Michele westendorf
Msn, np-c

Clinical director & Injection Specialist

Michele is a nationally board-certified nurse practitioner. She is a master injector who continues to hone her skills by attending multiple conferences a year, hundreds of hours of continuing medical education and reading medical journals. One of her deepest interests is anatomy and how that changes as we age. Michele also has a deep appreciation of Eastern medicine, which focuses on body as a whole.

Her interest in aging and aesthetic first came into focus at Ohio State University, where the native Ohioan graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Human Ecology. “I took a lot of psychology classes and I saw how our perception of self also affects our determination of self. I also saw how as physical image changes throughout life, it affects us psychologically. You want to continue to recognize the person in the mirror. So I focus on a refreshed and restored look.”

She first became interested in Botox/neuromodulators from the medical side when she worked in the Neurologic Intense Care Unit at John Hopkins Hospital. Her nursing career started after graduating summa cum laude from Johns Hopkins Nursing School. There she nurtured a deep passion for learning first as an ICU nurse and then as a Neuro Critical Instructor for the hospital, teaching nurses about neuroanatomy and managing neurological patients. She returned to Johns Hopkins to obtain her Masters of Science in nursing, graduating again at the top of her class summa cum laude with a focus on Adult and Gerontology  Health.

After relocating to California and after intensive additional training, Michele began her career in medical dermatology and aesthetics. Since then she has trained extensively with Allergan, Galderma and Merz products. She joins Seaside Skin Care as the Clinical Director and master injector. 

“I think my interest in what we call Eastern Medicine (Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine) has taught me to analyze people as a whole. When I evaluate you, I am looking for overall harmony and balance. My goal is to help you age gracefully and provide a refreshed and restored look rather than a different identity. I utilize my entire arsenal from skincare to injectables, skin treatments and supplements to help you realize your aesthetic goals.”

When Michele is not in the office, she loves to cycle outside on her peloton. She is nationally ranked triathlete and loves exploring the California landscape through triathlons. She also loves to read and horseback ride. She likes spending time with her friends and family and loves spending time with her dog.