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Octisalate - Benefits and Uses

Keep Skin Healthy With Octisalate Sunscreen

The hot summer months are right around the corner. During the summer, when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, it’s widely believed that you should wear sunscreen every day. Even if you don’t plan on doing outdoor activities, it’s important to remember that it takes only a short time spent in the sun to get a sun-burn – maybe even the time it takes you to walk to work or take the dog out for a spin around the neighborhood. Did you know that there are actually two types of sunscreen? Chemical sunscreen absorbs the sun’s rays, while physical sunscreen reflects them. One common ingredient in chemical sunscreen is octisalate, the common term for octyl salicylate.

Absorbing UV Rays

The function of octyl salicylate in commercial sunscreen is to absorb UVB rays. While UVB rays in moderation can be beneficial to humans by introducing vitamin D to the skin, an over-exposure to UVB rays can be very damaging. Exposure to these rays is actually a form of radiation that can damage the skin’s DNA, resulting in painful sun burn, sun poisoning and, in some cases, leading to skin cancer. Over-exposure can also lead to other maladies like unsightly wrinkles and negative effects on the immune system.

Is It Safe?>/p>

Though octisalate is regarded as a fairly safe ingredient for use in cosmetics, with no concerns over the chemical being particularly toxic to the body, there are some existing health and environmental concerns related to its use. Because of its status as a penetration enhancer, it may allow other chemical agents to penetrate the skin’s protective barrier. There are also slight concerns over this chemical’s potential ecotoxicology, or harmful effect on the environment.

VIVITÉ uses octisalate in certain sunscreen products. The compound is made of 2 parts that serve two different functions in sunscreen – the salicylate part of the compound absorbs UVB rays and the ethylhexanol portion serves as an emollient for moisturizing the skin. Look for this safe ingredient in Vivite’s sunscreen products.