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Sodium Chloride - Benefits and Uses

Skincare Benefits From Sodium Chloride

All skincare products should be grounded in scientific research rather than theory alone. Today, there is little need to worry about spending money on “snake oil” skincare product lines that make false claims. Instead of wondering if and how active ingredients work, be informed. The VIVITÉ product line is meant for full skincare and rejuvenation, is grounded in science, and has one overarching goal—to make women more beautiful with a safe and effective product line. One of the ingredients commonly found in skincare product lines is sodium chloride.

How does it relate to skincare?

Many people may recall that sodium chloride is also known as table salt. Surprisingly, this common type of salt can effectively cleanse your skin. It is also commonly used in toothpastes, mouthwashes, shampoos, hair products, nail care, sunless tanner, makeup, fragrances, and bath products. Besides cleansing properties, the sodium compound can also help safely thicken various beauty products.

Is it safe?

The Food and Drug Administration approved its use for over-the-counter products, including saline solution meant for direct administration into the eyes. Keep in mind that different types of skincare products have other active ingredients that are not recommended to be put directly in the eyes. Regardless, this type of sodium compound has been rigorously evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and has received excellent safety reviews.

Why use common table salt in cosmetic products?

This form of sodium has strong cleansing properties. It can also increase the viscosity of liquid cosmetic and skincare products safely and effectively. In addition, this sodium compound can naturally be found in seawater. Thus, it has a high level of safety compared to different types of chemicals that may be used to thicken products.

Commitment to excellence and results

The Vivite product line has a commitment to both providing an excellent product line and getting the results you deserve. By using safe and effective ingredients such as sodium chloride, Vivite can deliver a premium line of skincare rejuvenation products.