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Vitamin C - Benefits, uses, and Side Effects

The Skin Healing Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is sometimes known as ascorbic acid and plays a big role in promoting health. Early sailors found that large amounts of the vitamin could stave off scurvy. Today, the vitamin can be found in many different forms. What does this vitamin do for the body and how does the body use the vitamin? There are some very positive answers to these questions.

Your Body Benefits When Vitamin C Is Added to Skin Care Products

In addition to consuming the vitamin in a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, you can appreciate the benefits of Vitamin C in your skin care products. For example, the vitamin is a powerful antioxidant; preventing cellular damage and from ultraviolet radiation. C vitamins are also used to aid your skin during healing by replacing damaged skin with scar tissue. The vitamin aids the body in the production of Type III collagen which leads to soft skin. Even the blood vessels directly under the skin can benefit from adequate amounts of the vitamin.

How to Use C Vitamin Products Effectively

Some skin care companies, such as VIVITÉ , have recognized the usefulness of the C vitamin as a natural skin rejuvenating product. When combined with ingredients like magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, the vitamin can be more readily absorbed into the skin. After this absorption, the vitamin goes to work boosting collagen production. Over time, the powerful antioxidant may become oxidized, reducing the positive benefits of the product. To achieve the best results, always carefully follow the storage instructions and use them before their expiration date.

One Caution Regarding Vitamin C Products

After investing in quality skin care products, like Vivite, with added Vitamin C, you want to get all of the benefits possible. If you have the product for so long that it begins to darken in color, then you won’t be experiencing all of the skin health benefits that you could be getting. Once the beauty product has begun to change color, you can enjoy moisturizing and the pleasant scent, but your skin won’t be gaining collagen. The bottom line is: take care of the products and use them before they expire to reap the greatest benefits.