At Seaside Skin Care we think every person deserves beautiful, healthy, and young looking skin, we can make it happen. Our company was founded by a medical doctor who has the vision and skills to provide men and women with the best skin care systems available, and he has done this with success. One reason we have experienced success is because of our approach. It’s simple: utilize medical grade skin care products and services to deliver exceptional results to each client. In order to do this, we offer the latest advances in skin care aesthetics so your skin can look its beautiful best. We also have a staff of medically trained estheticians who have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best medical skin care services in Orange County.


At Seaside Skin Care we provide both medical spa treatments in our state of the art facility, as well as e-commerce options for customers who aren’t local. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that work for you. Whether you’re stepping into the spa or shopping online, we work hard to ensure your experience is rewarding. For medical skin care products and services that will provide you with noticeable results, visit us in-store or online.


If you’re wondering who we are and what makes us experts in our field, you can feel confident in knowing that we are highly trained and highly educated. In fact, our staff is made up of a physician, a registered nurse, and a team of medically trained estheticians. We are good at what we do. Our focus is to treat damaged skin and to prevent further damage from occurring, and we provide our clients with beautiful results. This is achieved by offering a variety of treatments and therapies that only a team of medically trained staff members can provide, and they are custom suited for your unique skin care needs. So whether you’re seeking regular treatments or more irregular therapies, with the aid of modern medicine, effective treatments, and skin care products, your medical skin care specialist can help you achieve a radiant, youthful appearance.


Not in California? In addition to our in-house medical skin care treatments we also sell a variety of medical grade skin care products online. Traditional skin care products that can be purchased at a cosmetic counter can provide some good results, but the products we carry possess a higher concentration of the active ingredients that improve texture, tone, and skin color. When using more concentrated, medical grade skin care products, the results can be dramatically different.

The only problem is that it’s not as simple as approaching the cosmetic counter at the department store to get them. Most medical skin care products have to be purchased by a physician, making it challenging to get your hands on them unless you are a doctor.; The good news, however, is that our physician maintains accounts with medical skin care vendors, so you can purchase these highly effective products from us online.; Getting the beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin you deserve just got easier.; Some of the key brands we carry include:Neocutis, Vivite, SkinMedica, Jan Marini, Elta MD, NIA24, Revaleskin, Avene, Glytone, Topix, PCA Skin, Obagi, isClinical.


At Seaside Skin Care we do things differently. We sell products that are effective. We provide treatments from a team of medically trained professionals. We deliver exceptional results with outstanding customer service. And we do this because we know that every man and woman is deserving of healthy, beautiful skin.