Discover the ultimate skin transformation with Skinvive, a revolutionary skin treatment that harnesses the power of Hyaluronic Acid injections. Seaside Skin Care offers Skinvive as your go-to solution for radiant and glowing skin. These injections work wonders on your complexion, offering not only skin tightening but also the key to achieving hydrated, smooth, and glowing skin.

Skinvive is designed to rejuvenate your cheeks, providing a boost of natural moisture that enhances skin smoothness. In clinical studies, patients who experienced the magic of Skinvive couldn’t be happier. They reported high satisfaction levels as their skin transformed into a picture of health, radiating with a youthful glow for up to 6-9 months and beyond. So, if you’re looking for a game-changing skin treatment that delivers hydrated, radiant, and refreshingly smooth cheeks, Skinvive is your answer!

Whether you’re on the hunt for a way to enhance your natural beauty, Skinvive is your ticket to achieving cheeks that are positively glowing with health and hydration. Contact Seaside Skin Care to learn about Skinvive. We are proud to be the leading provider of Skinvive injections in San Clemente, CA, and surrounding areas in Orange County. Our nurses have had extensive training and hundreds of hours of experience. They have carefully developed advanced techniques to ensure that your chin is symmetrical and matches your face shape! Call us now at (949) 276-2777 to schedule your consultation and learn more about Skinvive.

Improves Smoothness

Skinvive provides a boost of natural moisture that enhances skin smoothness.

Hydrates within

Skinvive delivers hydrated, refreshed and radiant skin.

6-9+ months of glow

On average, results last 6-9 months and beyond.

15 min treatment

One treatment session typically takes about 15 minutes.

How does Skinvive work?

Healthy, vibrant skin is all about keeping it well-hydrated, and that’s where the magic of Hyaluronic Acid comes into play. This fantastic molecule naturally boosts your skin’s ability to lock in moisture, maintaining its softness. Skinvive is a specially formulated hyaluronic acid gel that takes this hydration game to the next level, particularly focusing on those lovely cheeks. It’s like a replenishing boost of hyaluronic acid for your skin.

As time goes by, and with a little too much sun exposure, your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid levels tend to dip. But don’t worry; that’s where Skinvive swoops in. Its microdroplets of hyaluronic acid work wonders to tackle the effects, like changes in texture and that dreary dullness.

Patients who are dissatisfied with the condition of their skin might not be aware that achieving healthy, radiant, and exceptionally smooth skin requires thorough hydration. Through the injection of a hyaluronic acid-based gel, the Skinvive treatment effectively nourishes the skin, resulting in increased smoothness. Moreover, the introduction of hyaluronic acid into the treatment area stimulates collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity and potentially diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

before & afters

Compare before and after photos of ACTUAL Skinvive results, to see for yourself how it can transform your skin.

Hydrated Skin Orange County | Glowing skin San Clemente

Skinvive doesn’t just stop at the surface. It goes deep within your skin, boosting its internal hydration game, leaving you with skin that absolutely glows. So, when you pair this with your regular skincare routine that safeguards your skin barrier, you’ve got a winning combo for a radiant and healthy complexion. It’s like a one-two punch for your skin’s well-being!

What to expect during your Skinvive Treatment

Consultation with nurse

During your appointment, your provider will explain the procedure and provide after-care directions.

Topical Numbing

Topical numbing cream is available to make this procedure as comfortable and painless as possible.

Multiple microdroplet injections

A tiny amount of product is injected just below the skin on each cheek.

Simple & Easy After care

Minimize strenuous exercise, exposure to extensive sun or heat, and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours following treatment.

Is Skinvive a Filler?

Traditional facial fillers have gel formulas that stick together well and are commonly utilized for enhancing and shaping facial features, like the cheeks, or for filling in deep wrinkles, such as the nasolabial folds. These fillers are typically administered using techniques where the needle is inserted and the product is deposited while pulling the needle back. Examples of these techniques include linear threading, fanning, and cross-hatching, which allow for precise placement of larger amounts of filler at once.

In contrast, Skinvive boasts a more fluid-like texture and is injected in tiny “micro droplet” quantities. This unique property enables practitioners to address fine lines, dull skin, volume loss, and mild skin sagging in the cheeks while enhancing the overall quality of the skin in that area. Skinvive is particularly popular for achieving a “glass skin” effect.

With Skinvive, patients are less likely to experience an undesirable “pillow face” or an overly filled appearance, which can sometimes occur with frequent use of traditional filler injections or when administered by inexperienced injectors. Depending on your aesthetic goals, Skinvive may serve as an alternative to laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, microneedling, or other medical facial treatments due to its skin-smoothing benefits.

How much downtime does skinvive have?

Recovering from a Skinvive treatment is a breeze, with minimal downtime. This is particularly noteworthy when you consider that some other skin quality treatments can have recovery periods that extend up to a whopping two weeks!

How long will my skinvive appointment take?

Skinvive takes, on average, about 15 minutes to inject. This does not include consultation and evaluation time.

How long do skinvive results last?

Skinvive has been clinically proven to deliver results for 6-9+ months. To make sure you maintain your desired look, we recommend a touch-up from time to time. 

Is Skinvive a moisturizer?

You might have come across hyaluronic acid in moisturizing creams or serums. With Skinvive, hyaluronic acid does something special – it draws in moisture to help your cheeks stay hydrated and maintain a smooth, youthful appearance.

Do the results from Skinvive last a full 6-9+ months or do they wear off?

In the clinical study for Skinvive, participants enjoyed continuous smoothness in their cheek skin for a full 6-9 months. They also expressed high satisfaction with the radiant, well-hydrated, refreshed, and healthy appearance of their skin during this period.

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