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Chamomile - Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

Using Chamomile In Your Skin Care Regimen

Chamomile has long been used in the skin care industry because of its soothing and calming effects. Many individuals have also known about its excellent anti-inflammatory properties and have been using this ingredient in their daily skin care regimen. Using this ingredient is an excellent way to promote healing with skin ailments such as rosacea and other irritated skin conditions. There are a variety of benefits, uses and side effects of using this element as a primary ingredient in a topical skin care product.


• First, this excellent ingredient helps promote hydration in your skin. It is one of the mildest essential oils and it not only helps hydrate dry skin, it can calm inflamed Acne and skin issues such as rosacea.

• Chamomile is an exceptional ingredient to use for its calming, anti-inflammatory effects. The extracted oil from this mini daisy-like flower has long been used in herbal teas and it can also be used topically in skin care treatments to help calm serious skin conditions.

• Finally, it is known to help aid in cell regeneration and help promote healing of the skin. It is also so gentle that it has been approved in prenatal use for many years.

Finding Products with Chamomile

After reading this extensive list of benefits, you probably want to know where you can find this amazing essential oil! Fortunately, there are many quality products that contain this superb ingredient. Vivite is a leading manufacturer of skin care products that contain chamomile. You can find everything you need for your skin care needs including products for your body, face, eyes and lips. Contact your physician’s office to find out more about their amazing products. VIVITÉ is the only skin care system that uses a specific technology to help improve skin health. Once you find out more about their amazing technology and begin to use their products, you will be amazed at the revitalizing beauty and improved health of your skin.