hair of the dog iv infusion

hair of the dog

iv infusion

Recover and quickly eliminate most hangover symptoms within minutes. This blend of vitamins and electrolytes replenish lost fluids and promote quick relief after a hangover.

Ingredients: b-complex, b-12, magnesium, glutathione


what can a hair of the dog IV

do for me?

Headache relief

Nausea relief

Flush toxins


the iv hangover cure:


Do you have a nasty hangover after a night out? An IV infusion may be the answer. IV infusions can treat hangovers quickly and effectively. By delivering fluids and vitamins directly into the bloodstream, IV infusions can help to restore essential vitamins and minerals and reduce the severity of hangover symptoms.

Hair of the Dog Hangover IV Therapy in Orange County, CA


vitamin b complex


Increases metabolism, assists with the absorption of other vitamins, appetite and digestion.


Master antioxidant, provides mental clarity & anti-aging.


Enhances the function of the muscular and nervous systems

vitamin b-12


Essential for cell growth & helps with fatigue.

iv infusion

Monthly memberships

Make wellness a priority with our monthly memberships! Enjoy exclusive savings and numerous health benefits, such as improved energy levels, better immunity, better hydration, and more.

Selection of any (1) IV Infusion


Selection of any (2) IV Infusions

+ (1) B-12 Shot


Selection of any (4) IV Infusions

+ (2) B-12 Shots


All monthly memberships exclude NAD+


Hangovers can leave you feeling miserable, with nausea, headaches, and exhaustion. But did you know that an IV infusion could help you get over your hangover faster?

IV infusions are gaining popularity as an effective way to treat a variety of medical conditions, including hangovers. The science behind why IV infusions are so effective in treating a hangover is simple. When we drink alcohol, our bodies lose fluids and electrolytes. An IV infusion helps replace the lost fluids and electrolytes, giving your body the boost it needs to recover from a hangover quickly.

IV infusions are also beneficial for rehydrating the body, which can help reduce symptoms like nausea and headaches. Additionally, IV infusions can provide quick relief of dehydration-related fatigue by replenishing lost minerals and vitamins. By restoring lost fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins to your body, IV infusions can provide an effective way to get over your hangover faster.

An IV infusion is a safe and convenient way to quickly restore hydration and energy levels after a night of drinking. If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to get over a hangover, an IV infusion may be the perfect solution.

what to expect


Meet Our Medical Staff

The first step when you arrive is to meet with our medical staff. Our IV Nurses will perform a quick, confidential consultation and go over any health concerns.

Pick Your IV

Our Nurses will work with you to determine the appropriate IV for you. We offer a wide array of customized IV infusions to provide your body with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

Treatment Begins

During your IV Infusion treatment you will receive 1 liter of balanced-electrolyte fluid and high doses of each vitamin. Treatments last approximately 30-35 minutes.

Feel Better Immediately

You’ll start to feel the positive effects right away as the IV fluids replenish hydration and electrolytes. Most people leave feeling energized and refreshed.

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Questions about

IV infusions?

Our staff is happy to answer any IV Infusion questions you might have!  Or if you’d prefer to speak with one of our providers in person, Seaside’s consultations are complimentary!

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