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Deb Forrester

Deb Forrester

Clinical coordinator

Deb joined the Seaside team in 2018 bringing 20+ years of experience in the medical field. With her background as a medical technician she has assisted numerous doctors with various procedures as well as worked a qualified CPR instructor for 10+ years.

As a clinical coordinator Deb is an invaluable asset to the providers as she performs a variety of tasks to help the office to flow seemlessly.  Deb sets up for procedures, performs office clinical ordering, as well as evaluates special medical cases. However her most important role is acting as a liason between providers, patients and staff.

Seaside holds a special place in Deb’s heart as her daughter founded the business 10+ years ago. In fact, Deb was even responsible for recruiting and hiring Seaside’s very first nurse. Watching the business grow and flourish, Deb is excited to now be a part of the team. During her time off Deb enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, hiking, biking and drinking martinis.