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Peptides - Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Common Questions About Peptides In Cosmetics

The makers of skin care and other cosmetic products often add ingredients such as peptides in their products. Why do premier products, such as those offered by VIVITÉ , have these ingredients in them? What is a peptide, and are they safe? These are questions that are easily answered about a popular skin care ingredient.

What are Peptides?

Peptides occur naturally in your body. Your skin is made up, to a large extent, of collagen. This collagen is important to the health and elasticity of the skin. As time goes by, the collagen breaks down naturally and the long sections of amino acids which form the collagen become shorter section of acids and proteins. Each of these chains is a peptide. When the chains of amino acid and protein are present in the skin, they provide important anti-aging benefits.

Why are They Used In Cosmetics and Skin Care Products?

There are some important benefits available through the use of products enriched with a peptide or two. They naturally work to stimulate collagen and capillary formation. They can also provide repair to damaged capillaries. They aid and protect the natural antioxidant defenses of the body. Depending upon the specific amino acid make up of a peptide, the chain can provide different results. However, most of these chains have multiple purposes.

How can they be used?

The smooth, light texture of silk is due to the protein chains within the luxurious fabric. It is because of these tiny strings of proteins that silk is both strong and wonderfully soft. Skin care experts at companies like Vivite have discovered ways to bring those beneficial characteristic to the consumer. They are often used in moisturizers, for the treatment of HIV, within antibiotics, and to prevent cancer.

Are there side effects to using products with the amino acid chains?

If you aren’t sure about the safety of a cosmetic product, you can have your doctor or medical professional check the ingredients. Peptides are used often in treatments for cancer or damaged skin. In some cases, such as with copper peptide, too much use or inappropriate use might result in thinner, more fragile skin.