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Pomegranate - Benefits and Uses

Pomegranate Delivers Powerful Benefits To Skin Health

In the past decade or so, pomegranate has become more and more known for its powerful benefits to overall system and physical health, including those specific to the skin. Many new skin care products, such as VIVITÉ include it as a key ingredient in their offerings. The ability to use natural ingredients is of growing concern to consumer and scientists alike and this fabulous fruit is a great option for this.

Natural Treatment For Acne

Acne typically results from either digestive problems or hormonal imbalances (or a combination of both). Pomegranate has been shown to aid in proper digestion and also promotes healthy circulation of blood. Both of these regulate hormone production through the body. When this occurs, the proper balance is created and acne is reduced or eliminated. At the same time, this product is extremely rich in iron which helps the bodily cells absorb oxygen. This is necessary for effective blood circulation and also overall skin health. Additionally, this power fruit contains high levels of vitamin C which help the skin by regulating the production of sebum from the skin’s sebaceous glands. Over production of sebum is a root cause of acne.

Increased Skin Elasticity

The qualities of this fruit support an increased lifespan of the cells responsible for elastin and collagen. These cells, calls fibroblasts, are encouraged to replenish and last longer with the support of pomegranate. With this occurrence comes a natural improvement in overall skin elasticity and general skin tone and appearance.

Expedited Wound Healing

Any open cut, scrape, pimple or other break in the skin is known to heal quicker with no remaining scar or mark on the skin thanks to the benefits of this helpful fruit.

When added together, these benefits make it clear why manufacturers of products such as Vivite or other skin care items choose pomegranate as a key ingredient. The ability to produce and encourage healthy skin production and appearance both directly and indirectly by overall system health is a long term and viable solution sought by consumers everywhere.