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Sodium Phosphate - Benefits and Uses

Benefits Of Utilizing Sodium Phosphate In A Quality Skincare Line

Effectively utilizing different types of sodium phosphate can help a quality beauty line such as the VIVITÉ product line uphold high safety standards while achieving real results. Monobasic sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, and trisodium phosphate all occur naturally as white crystalline solids. They are typically used in hair conditioners, shampoos, oral hygiene products, hair dyes, bath products, fragrances, types of makeup, and skincare products due to their unique cleansing properties and excellent safety ratings.

Are phosphates safe to use?

The Food and Drug Administration rated monobasic, dibasic, and tribasic phosphates as substances that are all generally recognized as safe for numerous purposes. In fact, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review’s expert panel deferred evaluation of these phosphates used in cosmetics due to the results from the review conducted by the Food and Drug Administration.

How can sodium phosphates benefit skincare products?

Sodium and disodium phosphate can act as buffering agents, or ingredients that ensure the pH levels of a skincare or cosmetic product does not significantly change once packaged. The pH levels of a product such as a cleanser must be kept at a certain level to ensure that the cleanser is effective while not being too harsh. Levels of pH in skincare products that are too low may render the product ineffective, whereas pH levels that are too high may make the product too harsh on the skin to use and possibly result in unwanted peeling or dryness. Disodium phosphate can also act as a corrosion inhibitor to lengthen the shelf-life of skincare products. Trisodium phosphate can prevent the deterioration of products by acting as a chelating agent and further help adjust pH levels.

What monobasic, dibasic, and tribasic phosphates can offer in a line of skincare products

The trio of sodium phosphates can be a safe way to lengthen the shelf-life of skincare products without lessening the efficacy. The Vivite line of skincare products naturally chooses the safest and most effective active ingredients to enhance its premium line of skincare products.