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Sorbitan Isostearate - Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Can Sorbitan Isostearate Help Your Skin Look Younger?

There are so many different skin care products on the market and each one claims to give you healthier, more natural and younger looking skin. Although they all have the same goal in mind each one uses a different blend of ingredients to achieve their results. One of the many ingredients found in VIVITÉ skin care products is sorbitan isostearate. So what exactly is sorbitan?

Benefits and Uses of Sorbitan

Sorbitan isostearate is a primary ingredient in many skin care products. It acts as a humectant to help bind two different liquids that normally wouldn’t stabilize, such as water and oils. This is why sorbitan is considered an emulsifier. Sorbitan also helps thicken skin care products, which is why many everyday products use it to keep cream bases from breaking apart. Sorbitan is a derivative of sorbitol and when sorbitol mixes with fatty acids they create a new compound that helps make alcohol an effective skin moisturizer. This is why sorbitan is often used in anti-aging skin products. It is often found in sunscreen lotions, as well.

Sorbitan is also a common ingredient found in cosmetics because it acts as a moisturizer to help reduce the dehydrating effects that are caused with repetitive use of some makeup. Athlete’s foot medications are also known to contain sorbitan because of their emulsification characteristics.

Does Sorbitan Have any Side Effects?

Some ingredients in skin care products can have side effects; however, in general, sorbitan is considered a gentle substance and safe for topical use. It does have a low risk of allergic reaction, but this is not common. Some concerns have been raised concerning sorbitan being a possible environmental toxin, but most cosmetic products list sorbitan as an environmentally safe plant emulsifier.

Vivite with Sorbitan Sorbitan isostearate is one of the plumping ingredients of the Vivite skin care line, which helps improve the appearance of volume. This in turn can help improve the overall complexion of your skin and help you look younger.