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Tribehenin - Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Can Tribehenin Help Enhance Your Skin?

Do you want to heal the damaging effects of aging on your skin? Do you want to remove damaged skin and renew and vitalize your new skin for years to come? Do you wish you could find the right products to help you battle dry and wrinkled skin for ever? Of course you do. Everyone ants to enhance their skin, but finding just the right combination of products and ingredients can be difficult. So many products claim so many promising results. However each product uses different ingredients to reach those results. So which combination of ingredients is really the best and which ones will help the most in your quest for younger looking skin? When you look for skin care products it’s important to be aware of what’s in them. Some ingredients do have side effects, so be sure you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Tribehenin is one of the ingredients found in many skin care products including the VIVITÉ line.

Benefits and Uses

Tribehenin is made from glycerin and behenic acid and is used as a skin conditioner. It is found in many cosmetics, cleansers and moisturizers. It generally comes from vegetable fats and oils like coconut and palm-nut oils. Many cosmetics, sunscreen lotions, makeup creams and several other skin care products use it as a skin conditioner and enhancer.

Does it Have any Side Effects?

In studies done on the possible side effects of tribehenin in cosmetics and skin care products, the results have shown that it is a low hazard ingredient. Meantime, in a study by the International Journal of Toxicology, it was deemed non-toxic and was determined to be a non-irritant at concentrations of up to 40%. Because of these results, it is considered to be a safe ingredient for enhancing your skin’s overall look and feel. It is one of the many ingredients that can found in the Vivite line of skin care products, which are designed to give you healthier and younger looking skin.