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Vitamin E - Benefits and Uses

Keep Your Skin Healthy And Young With Vitamin E

Vitamin E has long been known and proven to offer extremely strong benefits to skin tissue and cells. With antioxidant properties, it fights visible skin aging, protects against sun damage and may even reduce the risk of some skin cancers. Given this, it is no wonder that so many skin care product makers choose this vitamin as a primary ingredient for their products. Read any label of a reputable and safe product, like VIVITÉ , and you will see this valuable name listed time and again.

E is a fat-soluble vitamin and serves as an antioxidant, protecting you from damage due to free radicals throughout your body but specifically for your skin as free radicals can cause wrinkles, lines and age spots. Free radicals are produced when your skin is exposed to external stimuli such as the sun’s strong UV rays. If not addressed, free radicals essentially “steal” electrons from your skin’s healthy cells. This is what leads to the signs of aging or other permanent skin tissue damage. Vitamin works systemically to destroy free radicals and improve the health of your skin.

Vitamin E is also used to prevent the formation of scars or reduce the appearance of those already in existence. It also combats acne and wrinkles by encouraging healthy skin cell regeneration. When this happens, the skin is given a fresh, younger looking appearance with that “healthy glow” that consumers seek. This benefit can be achieved by taking the vitamin internally and also applying its oil topically to the skin. It is absorbed easily by the epidermis and dramatically assists with wound healing and treating conditions such as sunburn. Improved skin hydration is another benefit of this vitamin. Improved hydration results in a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a general look of “suppleness” to the skin’s surface.

The scientifically proven benefits of Vitamin E to the skin make it easy to understand its presence as a primary ingredient for any major skin care product. The next time you are looking for healthy skin products such as Vivite, look at the label and you are sure to see this amazing vitamin listed there.