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Wild Mango Butter - Benefits and Uses

Choosing Natural Skin Care

To keep your skin protected and encourage damage repair, it’s important to provide it with the proper care and attention. If you’ve got a moisturizer with a long list of words you can’t pronounce, you may want to consider a more natural approach. Choosing naturally derived cosmetics can protect your skin from the harsh chemicals often used, and provide a variety of benefits. Wild mango butter is a butter-like paste that can be used to retain moisture and encourage softness in your skin.

African Mango

These fruits have the appearance of small mangos are native to West Africa. Also called African mangos, bush mangos, or dikas, the fruit comes from a species of African trees known as Irvingia trees. The seeds from these fruits, called Dika nuts, are mashed into a butter-like consistency and used for not only food but also have proven medical and cosmetic benefits. The film formed on skin by these seeds retains your natural moisture and oils, while providing a unique cosmetic therapy.

Cosmetic Uses

Most of our skin is covered while outdoors and whenever it’s not, we often take measures to protect it. Keeping your hands and face protected tends to be the most difficult part. The full-bodied mango butter protects and repairs dry skin and lips, especially those exposed to extreme cold or heat, UV radiation, and dryness. The VIVITÉ line of cosmetics uses not only wild mango butter but also many other beneficial and natural ingredients, which are used in their many products. When combine with other ingredients, wild mango can help minimize dark spots, rashes and skin discolorations.

Doing your research and choosing naturally derived products can not only make you feel good about what you’re putting on your skin, but also eliminate harsh chemicals that can often cause dryness and rashes. The rich moisturizers found in wild mango butter can be a great way to encourage healthy and supple skin, especially when combined with other natural ingredients and exfoliates.