Pico Lite

Smoother skin tone & texture!

Pico Lite is a cosmetic laser treatment used to smooth out skin tone and texture, reduce pore size, treat active acne, and light acne scarring. Pico Lite also causes collagen contraction and repair which works to tighten pores. This technology can be safely and effectively used on a variety of skin types. We recommend that this treatment be used for maintenance.

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Frequently asked questions

Our nurse will start by cleansing your face and giving you protective eyewear. We will then deliver the laser treatment via a small handheld device. Most Pico Lite treatments take about 30 minutes, but they can go longer if multiple areas are being treated. You may feel a warm tingling during the treatment.

Pico Lite is quick and painless with no downtime. There’s no need to take time off work or change your normal routine. Because there is little to no swelling or redness afterward, Pico Lite is a good option if you want a quick treatment before an event or special occasion.

While you may see some results after your treatment, you’ll see the most significant results 3–9 weeks later. Seaside typically recommends a that Pico Lite be used as a “maintenance” type treatment.

If you are using Pico Lite to treat scars, your results should be permanent. For pigment issues, you’ll likely need a follow-up treatments between 4-5 months. If you protect your skin from sun, avoid smoking, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, your results could last longer.

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