PCA Skin Acne Cream (0.5 oz)

Acne Cream swiftly addresses blemishes on skin that is oily, combination, or prone to breakouts.


PCA Skin’s Acne Cream is an exceptional solution designed to effectively eliminate blemishes while proactively thwarting the emergence of future acne breakouts by purifying and refining your pores. This exceptional formula harnesses the potent capabilities of liquid benzoyl peroxide, a highly regarded antibacterial ingredient renowned for its efficacy in addressing acne at its root, eliminating the underlying causes of inflammation.

In addition to its remarkable antibacterial properties, this meticulously crafted formula incorporates lactic acid, which offers a gentle exfoliation process that aids in reducing the accumulation of surface cell buildup, subsequently diminishing the likelihood of breakouts. Simultaneously, this exfoliation process helps restore and maintain optimal moisture levels, ensuring that you need not be concerned about encountering patches of dry, flaky skin, which can often accompany acne treatments.

The outcome of this comprehensive skincare approach is skin that not only appears visibly more even in tone but also feels deeply soothed, providing a welcome relief from the discomfort typically associated with acne-prone skin. To complete your acne-fighting regimen, consider combining this Acne Cream with PCA Skin’s Clearskin moisturizer, an ideal pairing to further enhance your skincare routine and maintain a clear, healthy complexion.


  1. Fast-acting benzoyl peroxide spot treatment to quickly clear acne blemishes
  2. The polyhydroxy acid gluconolactone supports breakout control and soothes skin
  3. A host of soothing botanicals to reduce potential irritation


  • 5% Benzoyl Peroxide: Eliminates existing acne lesions and prevents future breakouts
  • Lactic Acid: Supplies skin with necessary moisture
  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil: A natural antiseptic that promotes a clear complexion

Weight 1.2 oz


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